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Word Example of - blame

    Example Sentences for blame

    From this combination they experience distress and blame the porridge.

    We do not blame them for the crime this officer here committed.

    It wasn't his fault, and he wouldn't take the blame; he was only going by orders all the time.

    The probability was that she had no one to blame but herself—if fault there was.

    I can point to my unhappy star, and say, blame that more than me.

    I have no heart to blame, except for your want of confidence.

    One could not blame Kit for doing what he ought, but the thing was unlucky.

    I can never speak of him, or allow Hester and Maria to speak of him to me; for they will blame him.

    The ugliest man is to blame for it all: he hath reawakened him.

    You must not be left to suppose from my silence that he is to blame, as you think he is.

Word Origin & History of - blame

    Word Origin & History

    blame c.1200, from O.Fr. blasmer (12c., Mod.Fr. blâmer) "to rebuke, reprimand, condemn, criticize," from L.L. blasphemare "revile, reproach" (see blaspheme). Replaced O.E. witan with long "i." The noun is from O.Fr. blasme, a back formation from blasmer.

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