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The Synonym of - blandish (verb)

Word Example of - blandish

    Example Sentences for blandish

    All this you must understand is told retrospectively as Blandish installs himself in Samphire House.

    He was, therefore, rather surprised at a coldness in Lady Blandish's manner when he did appear.

    Poor Blandish was so irritated, that he fell really ill himself, and took his own mixtures for three weeks.

    Lady E. Had you not better repeat in your own words, Mr. Blandish, all the obliging things you have said of this gentleman?

    Adieu, Blandish; if you see Prompt first, I trust to you for the quickest communication of intelligence.

    Dr. Blandish danced for joy, and I really thought he never would stand still again.

    "To —— Heartly, Esq." Blandish, did you ever see any thing like it?

    The gist is that Mr. Blandish wants a house to live in and that he has an idea of the kind of house he wants.

    So Lady Blandish thought, and so said her soft, deep-eyed smile, as she perused the ground while listening to the project.

    Book two opens with Mr. Blandish practically in possession of the facts.

Word Origin & History of - blandish

    Word Origin & History

    blandish c.1300, from O.Fr. blandiss-, prp. stem of blandir "to flatter, caress," from L. blandiri "flatter," from blandus "mild, smooth" (see bland).

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