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Word Example of - blank

    Example Sentences for blank

    She made her mind a blank so often that she flew to thinking to escape the emptiness of it.

    For three days, from Thursday to Sunday, my mind was a blank.

    For the mere rhetorical "elevation" of blank verse we have no use whatever.

    The priest remained lost for a moment in blank and bitter amazement.

    From 1604 to 1608 is a period which forms a blank leaf in the story of Arabella.

    He set down the instrument and resumed his blank stare into nothingness.

    Blank ended his argument in a voice that left no doubt of his own faith in the effectiveness of his logic.

    The following year is almost a blank in the annals of the neighbourhood.

    The blank dark light of her eyes, and her set smile, were just as Maria remembered them.

    I shall see her again, if it please God, but what a blank she has left!

Word Origin & History of - blank

    Word Origin & History

    blank early 13c., from O.Fr. blanc "white, shining," from Frankish *blank "white, gleaming," of W.Gmc. origin (cf. O.N. blakkr, O.E. blanca "white horse;" O.H.G. blanc, blanch; Ger. blank "shining, bright"), from P.Gmc. *blangkaz "to shine, dazzle," from PIE base *bhel- (1) "to shine, flash, burn" (see bleach). Originally "colorless," meaning "having empty spaces" evolved c.1400. Sense of "void of expression" (a blank look) is from 1550s. The noun in the sense of "empty space" (in a document, etc.) is from c.1570.