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What is a better word for blanket? What's another word for blanket? What are 5 "blanket synonyms"? How can I replace the word blanket? What is the meaning of blanket in English?

Word Example of - blanket

    Example Sentences for blanket

    It was stuffy and hot, but Yetta, in spite of her shawl and blanket, shivered when the intermission was over.

    I carried her into my sister's room, and laid her on a blanket.

    One old creature threw a blanket over her head in such a way that it might cover her face.

    Red Feather offered his blanket to Dot, but she shook her head.

    He looked under the berth, peered into the corners, and pulled back the blanket and sheet.

    They kindled a fire somehow and spread a blanket upon the damp ground.

    He lay back on his blanket, with the fingers of one hand gripped closely about Peter.

    And she hadn't forgotten some hot stuff nor a blanket neither.

    Food and remedies are placed on a blanket beneath the cross, together with many magical things.

    He had torn away his blanket, so that we could see where the ball had struck him in the hip.

Word Origin & History of - blanket

    Word Origin & History

    blanket c.1300, from O.Fr. blanchet, dim. of blanc "white" (see blank). Originally "a white cloth" (a secondary sense of O.Fr. blanc). The verb is first recorded c.1600. Wet blanket (1830) is from the notion of a person who throws a damper on social situations like a wet blanket smothers a fire.