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Word Example of - bleakness

    Example Sentences for bleakness

    A bleakness and melancholy seemed to encompass the spot on this sombre day.

    The warmth of the room was very agreeable in contrast to the bleakness of out-doors.

    The uncultivated part of the country has the usual Tibetan aspect of bleakness and sterility.

    And he liked East Wellmouth, bareness and bleakness and lonesomeness and all.

    We had wanted to see the green hills of old Ireland and here were blackness and bleakness and crowded humanity.

    There was a bleakness about the situation which made one gasp.

    He had for an instant an almost overpowering sense of the bleakness of his lot.

    Everyday light had filled her with bleakness and disillusion.

    It seemed very hard and cruel to leave him here in the bleakness of midwinter, Doris thought.

    The summits of the Norwegian Fjelds have only the charm of wildness and bleakness.

Word Origin & History of - bleakness

    Word Origin & History

    bleak c.1300, from O.N. bleikr "pale," from P.Gmc. *blaika- "shining, white," from PIE base *bhel- (1) "to shine, flash, burn" (see bleach). Sense of "cheerless" is c.1719 figurative extension. The same Germanic root produced O.E. blac "pale," but this died out, probably from confusion with blæc "black;" but bleikr persisted, with a sense of "bare" as well as "pale." Related: Bleakness (c.1600).

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