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Word Example of - blessing

    Example Sentences for blessing

    Why not ask a blessing on the cup of bitterness as well as upon the cup of thanksgiving?

    Forgive the transports of a blessing so unexpected, so unhoped for, so unthought of!

    I looked her boldly in the face, and, in the conventual manner, gave her my blessing.

    If it is such a blessing to be his sister, how happy must Hester be—in spite of everything!

    That was the man on whom the blessing rested as a condition, not as a wish.

    There was fervour in the blessing which he asked that made amends for its brevity.

    "I will not rise without your blessing, nevertheless," said the ealdorman.

    Bones found his trip a blessing that had been well disguised.

    The Northern churches of commerce thought Slavery was a blessing, Kidnapping a 'grace.'

    Honour your father and mother: kneel and ask their blessing.

Word Origin & History of - blessing

    Word Origin & History

    blessing O.E. bletsunga, bledsunge; see bless. Meaning "gift from God" is from mid-14c. In sense of "religious invocation before a meal" it is recorded from 1738. Phrase blessing in disguise is recorded from 1746.