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Word Example of - blight

    Example Sentences for blight

    An excellent grade of coffee is produced, and it does not appear that as yet any blight has perceptibly affected the shrubs.

    This was the day that Lydia's summer happiness felt the touch of blight.

    Meantime a blight had fallen on the earth, and a whole people's food, in one night, perished.

    He respectfully mentioned the nature of the blight, and suggested a remedy.

    There was the suffering that comes from the blight of a sweet hope, from the rude dispossession of a good long withheld.

    Now my sun has reached its meridian, yet she is still there, a blight upon the land.

    No epidemic or disease came to blight the lives of our caterpillars; nor did annoyances of any sort interrupt their spinning.

    But in the reign of Queen Elizabeth a blight fell on the Bishops.

    Just imagine the harm that would come of it—a blight on your life, that you could never live down.

    Flowers in Summer warmth delight:— What of Winter and its blight?

Word Origin & History of - blight

    Word Origin & History

    blight 1610s, origin obscure, apparently it emerged into literary speech from the talk of gardeners and farmers, perhaps ult. from O.E. blæce, blæcðu, a scrofulous skin condition and/or from O.N. blikna "become pale." Used in a general way of agricultural diseases, sometimes with suggestion of "invisible baleful influence;" hence figurative sense of "anything which withers hopes or prospects or checks prosperity" (1852). The verb in this sense is from 1712. Hence slang blighter.

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