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Word Example of - blister

    Example Sentences for blister

    You would like to have had my poor little face one blister with the glare of sun and sea.

    They made a blister upon my spirit as well as upon my hands.

    She c'd say things that 'd jes' raise a blister like pizen ivy.

    After this, the young doctor applied a blister, and awaited the result.

    Miss Elting removed the girl's shoe from that foot and treated the blister.

    Blister inquired for the names of the principals and introduced the witnesses to them.

    When leeches did not abate a stitch in the side, he had recourse to a blister, whose action affected the kidneys.

    If Blister did not say “I told you so,” it was not because he might not have done it fairly.

    If the lameness still remains the blister may be repeated in three weeks or a month.

    Dud knew now that Blister had been a wise prophet in his generation.

Word Origin & History of - blister

    Word Origin & History

    blister c.1300, from O.Fr. blestre "blister, lump, bump," perhaps from a Scandinavian source (cf. O.N. blastr "a blowing," dat. blæstri "swelling"), or from M.Du. blyster "swelling;" perhaps ult. from PIE *bhel- (2); see bole. The verb meaning "to raise blisters on" is from late 15c.

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