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Word Example of - block

    Example Sentences for block

    Thus, the sand will be undermined by the waves, and this will cause the block to fall into the sea.

    There were a good many of them—so many as nearly to block up the street at one part.

    The king sent them all to the block, and would not delay his sailing for a moment.

    On one corner of the sail I found a block, which had been used for the sheet.

    Not quite flat; Smith threw a block as I reeled, and held me upright.

    It would be hard to tell in what way Boggs did not block the seminary.

    Only the Cap is in the block, old man Mitchell, in charge of this wing.

    Now, you tried to have me arrested on the steamer, you have tried to block me in every move I have made.

    The next place I went was, I walked up the street about half a block to a church.

    Sornal carefully set the block into an aperture, then reached for a switch.

Word Origin & History of - block

    Word Origin & History

    block "solid piece," c.1300, from O.Fr. bloc "log, block" (13c.), via M.Du. bloc "trunk of a tree" or O.H.G. bloh, both from PIE *bhlugo-, from *bhelg- "a thick plank, beam" (see balk). Slang sense of "head" is from 1630s. The meaning in city block is 1796, from the notion of a "compact mass" of buildings; slang meaning "fashionable promenade" is 1869. Extended sense of "obstruction" is first recorded 1640s. The verb "to obstruct" is from 1560s.

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