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Word Example of - bloom

    Example Sentences for bloom

    The sea-breeze stirred the sun-blinds before the windows, and the flowers in the well-kept boxes were already gay with bloom.

    The richest verdure and bloom of summer were all around them.

    This luscious fruit is at its best when served fresh from the vines, with the bloom still on.

    She doesn't need any training; it would be rubbing the bloom off the peach.

    They grow on slender stems 1-4 ft. tall and bloom in spring and midsummer.

    There was a time when I had the bloom of health and the fresh colour which you now have.

    And it is quite true that most of them bloom for a longer period in a moist than in a dry soil.

    And everything was covered with a grey dust like the bloom on a plum or like Cicciu.

    If properly grown, seedlings raised now will bloom splendidly next autumn.

    Among the wattles another time, and the wattles just in bloom.

Word Origin & History of - bloom

    Word Origin & History

    bloom c.1200, a northern word, from O.N. blomi "flower, blossom," also collectively "flowers and foliage on trees;" from P.Gmc. *blomon (cf. O.S. blomo, Du. bloem, Ger. Blume, Goth. bloma), from PIE *bhle- (cf. O.Ir. blath "blossom, flower," L. flos "flower," florere "to blossom, flourish"), extended form of *bhel- "to thrive, bloom, sprout" (see bole). O.E. had cognate bloma, but only in the figurative sense of "state of greatest beauty;" the main word in O.E. for "flower" was blostm (see blossom). Related to O.E. blowan "to flower" (see blow (v.2)).

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