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Word Example of - blossom

    Example Sentences for blossom

    Besides all these things which help to make Lotus Blossom happy, she is dressed comfortably.

    Why, sparing so many a thistle, Did Death cut so lovely a blossom?

    Then let your own true life portray His beauty, and blossom day by day With something of his grace.

    It was as genuine a blossom of the heart as any which I have ever experienced.

    The early honeysuckle had begun to blossom on the south side, and the violet beds were a solid mass of gorgeous blue.

    Its blossom is as white as milk, and it is hard for men to tear it from the ground.

    I will foster all the germs of good in his nature—make them blossom and bear fruit.

    It was always hard work for Judith to refuse Blossom anything.

    The trees in this part of the country are quite small ones, and there are no hedges; the blossom on the trees is perfectly lovely.

    Blossom was so fond of Jemmy Three, and she had so few folks to be fond of.

Word Origin & History of - blossom

    Word Origin & History

    blossom O.E. blostm, blostma "blossom, flower," from P.Gmc. *blo-s- (cf. M.L.G. blosom, Du. bloesem, Ger. Blust), from PIE *bhlow-, extended form of *bhel- (3) "to thrive, bloom," possibly identical with *bhel- (2) "to blow, swell" (see bole). This is the native word, now largely superseded by bloom and flower. The verb is O.E. blostmian.

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