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Word Example of - blot-out

    Example Sentences for blot

    She wanted to cover her eyes, to blot out the sun, to run to some friendly darkness to make her moan.

    He shut his eyes, as if by shutting them he could blot out the pictures of his imagination.

    There was no expense of money and men she would refuse to consider for erasing the blot of Campo Formio.

    There was but one blot upon his character—he hated Mrs. Gam.

    Susan smiled in response, but the little speech was the one blot on a happy evening.

    But there it was, staring him in the face, and he could not blot out the memory of it.

    Do you think I shall be exalted in the kingdom of my God with this stain and blot upon my soul?

    He that's not sensible of the truth of this proverb may blot it out or pass it over.

    The parents seemed utterly unaware of the serious nature of the boy's offenses and of the blot on his record.

    All falsehood must be a blot as well as a sin, an injury as well as a deception.

Word Origin & History of - blot-out

    Word Origin & History

    blot late 14c., originally "blemish," perhaps from O.N. blettr "blot, stain," or from O.Fr. blot, variant of bloc "block," or blestre "blister, lump, clump of earth." The verb is first attested mid-15c.

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