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Word Example of - blow

    Example Sentences for blow

    The blow had in an instant crushed all the light out of her life.

    And the blow might have fallen; Clif's only warning of his deadly peril.

    The boy felt as though he had received a blow on his breast.

    He was watching for a chance to deliver one blow that would settle the combat.

    "It looks as if the wind is going to blow harder to-day," he said.

    Clif dodged, but as he did so another sailor aimed a blow at his head.

    That would expose you to danger without the right to strike a blow in defense.

    But it is going to blow a great deal harder than it does now.

    We are not too late, my good friend, as the first blow yet remains to be struck.

    Then he unlatched the window and left it, hoping that it would not blow open and betray him.

Word Origin & History of - blow

    Word Origin & History of - blow

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