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Word Example of - blue-funk

    Example Sentences for blue

    I laid on something so hard that my whole body is black and blue.

    "There's not an inch on my body that isn't black and blue," she said weakly.

    That could be proved in most any community in the Blue Ridge.

    Pen winced but she looked into Jane's blue eyes and answered, "No."

    I was alone in the "Blue Boar," the only person in the house.

    He saw a blue uniform as the officer clambered up to the deck.

    It is this contradiction which bites the soul black and blue.

    He hated his liquid tones, like honey dripping on a blue plush sofa.

    The first bluebird in the spring is as welcome as the blue sky itself.

    She might have been more than pretty but for her eyes, which were too light a shade of blue to be beautiful.

Word Origin & History of - blue-funk

    Word Origin & History of - blue-funk

    We're sorry, we couldn't find blue-funk. the Word Origin & History of the word you requested. We'll soon we attach blue-funk Word Origin & History of the word to our database. thank you to visit our online dictionary.

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