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Word Example of - blueprint

    Example Sentences for blueprint

    Also she liked him because he was imaginative—because he saw and sensed and properly understood without a diagram or a blueprint.

    He was studying a blueprint, and this time he made no effort to break the silence.

    Hold the piece of blueprint paper under your waist or coat, to keep it dark when you go into the light.

    On the table before him was what appeared to be a rough map or blueprint.

    Governor Hardy and the commander were studying a blueprint which was spread out on the desk.

    Now quickly put the blueprint paper (not the negative) into a basin of water, face down.

    I'd forgotten her God had a blueprint for all these little difficulties.

    His whole work plan was wrong; he could see the right way of doing things laid out as clear as a blueprint in his mind.

    A blueprint for a new national highway system, a critical investment in our transportation infrastructure.

    The plan gave them no more clew than any blueprint of a modern building would have done.

Word Origin & History of - blueprint

    Word Origin & History

    blueprint 1886, from blue + print. Figurative sense of "detailed plan" is attested from 1926.

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