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Word Example of - blunder

    Example Sentences for blunder

    "The Jacobins will rise in consequence of this blunder," was the doleful prophecy.

    Floyd is not at home to be consulted, and she does not wish to blunder or to annoy him.

    Many a laugh was raised at their expense, as they marched about in blessed ignorance of their blunder.

    If she could be able to convince them of their blunder, would it be wise to do so?

    It was a gross blunder of John Calvin not to have retained that institution for the faithful.

    Nevertheless this blunder has been frequently made in the recent past.

    Mr. Rochester, allow me to disown my first answer: I intended no pointed repartee: it was only a blunder.

    Or was it the blunder that brought death upon him beforehand?

    Then he put his fingers on the thin thread that marked the course of Blunder Stream.

    I regretted my blunder in going to sleep, and the future was dark and uncertain.

Word Origin & History of - blunder

    Word Origin & History of - blunder

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