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Word Example of - blustering

    Example Sentences for blustering

    To oblige me to get myself tangled up, to tell lies, to make a blustering fool of myself!

    “I am no beggar, Sir Morton Darley,” said the man, in blustering tones.

    The roaring, blustering saloonkeeper had helped the boy sell and collect for newspapers.

    Burke broke in impatiently, with his blustering fashion of address.

    Or was there some solid foundation of fact in his blustering assumption of power?

    He felt suddenly young and futile; his just rage turned to blustering in his ears.

    Daniel went out, and gave the blustering furniture dealer his last ten-mark piece.

    Twas very dark and blustering and dismally cold at that time.

    A dark, wet, blustering, or—if the time be winter—an especially cold night is chosen.

    It was at the end of a blustering day, with the night falling thick.

Word Origin & History of - blustering

    Word Origin & History

    bluster late 15c., from M.L.G. blüstren "to blow violently" (see blow (v.1)).

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