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Word Example of - boisterous

    Example Sentences for boisterous

    The gale did not abate; nothing but the boisterous sea and the overcast sky could I see about me.

    It was followed by another, then a third—this last one boisterous.

    Claudia was in her most boisterous spirits; Eugene, by one of the quick transitions of his nature, was hardly less elate.

    They were gathered around in a boisterous circle, exclaiming and laughing.

    Old Boisterous had brought one of this sort with him: the reading of it had already been determined on.

    His boisterous restlessness was the first thing that struck strangers.

    The pioneer camp was silent, no boisterous laughter there; Each step was still and careful, each word a whispered prayer.

    There was rather a boisterous party in the car—two men and two women.

    Just then a loud-voiced, boisterous woman came staggering into the room.

    There was no boisterous clapping on the back, no jolly sparring or wrestling.

Word Origin & History of - boisterous

    Word Origin & History

    boisterous late 15c., unexplained alteration of M.E. boistous (c.1300) "rough, coarse (as of food), clumsy, violent," of unknown origin, perhaps from Anglo-Fr. bustous "rough (road)," which is perhaps from O.Fr. boisteos "curved, lame; uneven, rough" (Mod.Fr. boiteux), itself of obscure origin. Another guess traces it via Celtic to L. bestia. Used of persons from 1560s.

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