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Word Example of - bomb

    Example Sentences for bomb

    These accounts, and a demand for bomb vessels to assist the Swedish flotilla, were sent to the Admiralty.

    In the year 1905 the Governor of Idaho was killed by a bomb as he was leaving his house.

    "He has lighted the fuse of the bomb," she said to him excitedly.

    An anarchist threw a bomb at the equipage of a king, and missed him.

    One of these shelters will explode the shell or bomb, and the other receive the burst.

    At that instant I dropped a bomb, which fell about 25 or 30 feet from the submarine.

    He jumped as if I had thrown a bomb instead of a name at him.

    “Then investigate with a bomb, or with a cannon,” advised Jimmie.

    Having seen the departure of the bomb, I ungracefully tumbled into the bomb-proof, with the engineer a close second.

    Still, they had no way of knowing whether a bomb had struck home.

Word Origin & History of - bomb

    Word Origin & History

    bomb 1580s, from Fr. bombe, from It. bomba, probably from L. bombus "a deep, hollow noise; a buzzing or booming sound," from Gk. bombos "deep and hollow sound," echoic. Originally of mortar shells, etc.; modern sense of "explosive device placed by hand or dropped from airplane" is 1909. Meaning "old car" is from 1953. Meaning "success" is from 1954 (late 1990s slang the bomb "the best" is probably a fresh formation); opposite sense of "a failure" is from 1963. The bomb "atomic bomb" is from 1945. Bomber as a type of military aircraft is from 1917. Bombed "drunk" is from 1959.

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