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"bombard Synonyms"

What is a better word for bombard? What's another word for bombard? What are 5 "bombard synonyms"? How can I replace the word bombard? What is the meaning of bombard in English?

Word Example of - bombard

    Example Sentences for bombard

    The soldiers of the republic then began to bombard Mnster with such success that they destroyed a German ammunition depot there.

    The Fenians, it was said, were raising a fleet to bombard Halifax.

    But in a little while they may be able to bombard New York and demand billions of dollars to refrain from destroying the city.

    Until then it had been judged impracticable to bombard a place from the sea.

    A cry was raised that he meant to seize the citadel and bombard the town.

    Several gunboats had also come up the river to bombard the forts.

    He fixed up his batteries, and was eventually able to bombard the town with such effect that it had to surrender.

    The Germans will bombard the whole of Paris if the possibility of doing so should be offered them.

    This vessel was now waiting until the Turks should require her to bombard some seaport in the possession of the Greeks.

    They continued to bombard these works daily until the 10th of September.

Word Origin & History of - bombard

    Word Origin & History

    bombard early 15c. (n.), 1590s (v.), from Fr. bombarder, from bombarde "mortar, catapult" (14c.), from bombe (see bomb). The same word, from the same source, was used in English and O.Fr. late 14c. in reference to the bass shawm, a bassoon-like musical instrument, preserving the "buzzing" sense in the Latin.