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What is a better word for bond? What's another word for bond? What are 5 "bond synonyms"? How can I replace the word bond? What is the meaning of bond in English?

Word Example of - bond

    Example Sentences for bond

    Her father,—what a different man he was; her brothers,—their word was their bond.

    It also appeared, that the duke had given him a bond for 600l.

    Sometimes he speaks of the "bond of brotherhood" and "fellowship."

    In all the penitential discipline of the church also bond and free were on an equality.

    I wanted to give him a bond, but he would not hear of it "The idea!"

    That has never furnished a bond of equal reality to that of capture or purchase.

    But so long as the love that now bound them together still sanctified the bond which it had fastened.

    Kinship was lost by separation, and fire superseded it as a bond of association.

    Mistaken Brutus thought to break their yoke, But cut the bond of union with that stroke.

    Between Henry and me, sir, there is a bond stronger than steel.

Word Origin & History of - bond

    Word Origin & History

    bond early 13c., "anything that binds," phonetic variant of band (1) (for vowel change, see long), influenced by O.E. bonda "householder," lit. "dweller" (see bondage). The verb is 1670s (trans.), 1836 (intr.). Legalistic sense first recorded 1590s.