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Word Example of - book

    Example Sentences for book

    I will not yield, I will not make my submission, I will defend my book by a fresh one.

    It was not only in his book, but in his mind, that orthodoxy was united with charity.

    Looking eagerly into a book did not betray one who could not read.

    She looked doubtful for a moment about the book being meant for her.

    She learned a thing because it was in the book; he learned a thing in order to use it.

    The author has a copy of his first book before him as he writes.

    Raleigh—The Book was written by a man of your profession, Mr. Attorney.

    "It does not appear that we have gone at all," I continued, looking over the pages of the book.

    The book is Miss Keller's and is final proof of her independent power.

    Do you think I should come and ask you to book her passage if she wanted to go?

Word Origin & History of - book

    Word Origin & History

    book O.E. boc "book, writing, written document," traditionally from P.Gmc. *bokiz "beech" (cf. Ger. Buch "book" Buche "beech;" see beech), the notion being of beechwood tablets on which runes were inscribed, but it may be from the tree itself (people still carve initials in them). The O.E. originally meant any written document. Latin and Sanskrit also have words for "writing" that are based on tree names ("birch" and "ash," respectively). Meaning "libretto of an opera" is from 1768. Verb meaning "to enter for a seat or place, issue (railway) tickets" is from 1841; "to engage a performer as a guest" from 1872. A betting book is from 1856; bookmaker in the wagering sense is from 1862.

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