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What is a better word for bookish? What's another word for bookish? What are 5 "bookish synonyms"? How can I replace the word bookish? What is the meaning of bookish in English?

Word Example of - bookish

    Example Sentences for bookish

    Most of the answers to the first question were vague, one-sided, “verbal,” or  bookish.

    But generally she was silent, enwrapped, no doubt, in bookish thought.

    Little by little they became distinct so that I attempted to classify them in a crude and bookish way.

    He's vulgar and hysterical and bookish, but don't think that sums him up.

    It has the defect which is common to all the educational systems which we have inherited--it is too bookish, too little practical.

    Your minds are not your own, but the patches of other people's bookish duds.

    Another guest entered and took the chair opposite the bookish young man.

    Sometimes her English is daintily prim and bookish and captivating.

    Even with hours of leisure, men who had been "bookish" could not read.

    From yellow waistcoat to cloth of gold is but a step for a bookish boy.

Word Origin & History of - bookish

    Word Origin & History

    bookish 1560s, "literary," from book + ish. In sense of "overly studious" it is recorded from 1590s.