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Word Example of - booklet

    Example Sentences for booklet

    The one with the booklet in his hand announced that the prison was open for visitors.

    He was pleased to call his booklet "Musick's Monument," and it was printed in 1676 in London.

    These tickets are in booklet form, inside the covers being an eighteen-inch pink paper ticket.

    That booklet reached the sale of more than a million copies.

    Verses in this booklet may be copied in the public prints by giving credit as above.

    The man at once produced the booklet, and Aspel purchased it.

    Sister Imelda's booklet of poems has been highly praised by competent critics.

    It was so much appreciated that it was published as a booklet.

    This booklet has been compiled for the purpose of providing this information.

    The booklet is a severe condemnation of 'modern civilization.'

Word Origin & History of - booklet

    Word Origin & History

    booklet 1859, from book + dim. ending.

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