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Word Example of - boom

    Example Sentences for boom

    He said that the boom was open for hours each night, so that a small thing could get away.

    I pulled in, and the effect was to bring the boom over the deck.

    The old man took the wheel; we got the boom amidships, and he jammed her into the wind until she had hardly any way.

    At Plymouth a boom blocked the entrance, but other places had not even this defense.

    Papa came home beaming with the delicious feeling that money was flowing in and that he was having a boom.

    A man to succeed nowadays must make a boom with something, it matters not what.

    The boom being at length severed, the fort in a few minutes was in our possession.

    Now no sooner were the besieged wrapped in slumber than boom!

    But he seemed not to care about me; and I could just hear him boom away in the darkness, joyous at heart and happy in his freedom.

    Then there would be a boom, and one might let oneself go a little.

Word Origin & History of - boom

    Word Origin & History

    boom mid-15c., earliest use was for bees and wasps, probably echoic of humming. The meaning "make a loud noise" is 15c. Cf. bomb. Boom box first attested 1978.

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