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Word Example of - booming

    Example Sentences for booming

    The weather was oppressively warm again on this day, and business in Ecorse was apparently not "booming."

    It is pouring again to-night and the guns are booming in an ominous manner.

    Midnight, a stone tower, a booming clock, and darkness make an appeal to the imagination.

    The guns are booming away, but the sniping has decreased to-day.

    See her now at the end of that procession across the booming rollers on the east sky.

    Then through the silence came a sound like the booming of the sea.

    The next morning we were awakened by the booming of cannon and clash of musketry.

    They were like the murmur of waters, like the sounds of the forest and soft, booming bells.

    No; it is the booming of the deep-mouthed cannon, and not those of the defeated forces; for they have left all theirs behind them.

    Things are booming, and some of these owners will be trying to sell.

Word Origin & History of - booming

    Word Origin & History

    boom mid-15c., earliest use was for bees and wasps, probably echoic of humming. The meaning "make a loud noise" is 15c. Cf. bomb. Boom box first attested 1978.

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