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Word Example of - boon

    Example Sentences for boon

    That is a boon which must be constantly borne in mind, and which makes our railways an absolutely democratic institution.

    This boon was granted; but the revelation which had come to him in blindness was not withdrawn.

    Good books and good literature would be a boon in these camps.

    No, monseigneur, it is at your feet that I should be, for I come to ask a boon.

    Again he lapsed into silence, as if fearful to ask the boon.

    Come, my friend, own how boonless was the boon; say where is any aid?

    "I were no woman to refuse you such a boon," said the Queen, smiling.

    This dog, his boon companion, he would present to the Crown Prince.

    Sheep-clipping has survived as a boon service; and what a man in old days gave to his fellow, he did not grudge to his church.

    And so the boon companions for a day shook hands and parted.

Word Origin & History of - boon

    Word Origin & History

    boon late 12c., bone "petition," from O.N. bon "a petition, prayer," from P.Gmc. *boniz (cf. O.E. ben "prayer, petition," bannan "to summon;" see ban).

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