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"boost Synonyms"

What is a better word for boost? What's another word for boost? What are 5 "boost synonyms"? How can I replace the word boost? What is the meaning of boost in English?

Word Example of - boost

    Example Sentences for boost

    And now I guess you're going to boost your weight behind it too.

    Hold on a minute, Patrick; just boost me over to the sofa, while you're about it.

    Get out and boost him in here, said the fat man, in a low tone to the chauffeur.

    “Got to boost her, boys, to protect Bill,” he explained as his raise went in.

    Rookie, you don't want anything really, do you, except to stand by and give us all a boost when we're down?

    And since I've left the San, I've looked forward to your letters to boost up my spirits.

    The ten, I take it, is a retainer for me to boost the yachtin' enterprise.

    "Then you'll have to boost the buggy-wheels, that's all," answered Jim.

    “I think I could get up far enough to reach it, if you girls will boost a bit,” replied Patricia.

    The little old Frenchy in the Parisian hand laundry gave us a boost, too.

Word Origin & History of - boost

    Word Origin & History

    boost 1815 (v.), 1825 (n.), Amer.Eng., of unknown origin.