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The Synonym of - bosom (verb)

Word Example of - bosom

    Example Sentences for bosom

    His heart throbbed as though it would have burst from his bosom.

    I've been wanting a bosom friend, so I'll just pick one of you out.

    With gratitude the forlorn butterfly rested all night in the bosom of one of its simple white blossoms.

    These words were like a dagger to the lady's bosom and she resolved to have revenge.

    Neither would, for a moment, think of allowing such incidents to rankle in his bosom.

    There is no rest for our hearts but on the bosom of some one that is dear to us, and in whom we can confide.

    The early feeling which prompted the infant wish for “a cottage too low for a clock” was still fresh in her bosom.

    She placed it upon her bosom, and resolved never to part with it as long as she lived.

    This bosom, my boy, this manly and truthful bosom, is about the right shop for confidence.

    She understood not how fatal a predisposition lurked in her bosom.

Word Origin & History of - bosom

    Word Origin & History of bosom

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