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Word Example of - botch

    Example Sentences for botch

    No man ever yet undertook tew alter his natur by substituting sum invenshun ov his own, but what made a botch job ov it.

    They should be smitten with the botch of Egypt, and a sore botch in the legs that cannot be healed.

    When man attempts to add a finishing-touch to the loveliness of the forest, lake, or ocean, he makes a botch of it.

    You will have to give me instructions, and though I may botch the business, I'll save the meat.

    I told him I was glad to hear it for I never tried to tell it myself without making a botch of it.

    Both of them have made a botch of their errand,” said he, “and are causing the bride to wait in vain!

    This state of affairs leads to makeshifts, and they in turn lead to botch work.

    They've been running it for thousands of years—and look at the botch they've made of it!

    They wasnt no sea nor shore for Botch no more; they wasnt no earth, no heavens.

    Mr. Primefit, the Eton Stultz, is changed into Botch, the cobbler.

Word Origin & History of - botch

    Word Origin & History

    botch late 14c., bocchen "to repair," later, "to spoil by unskillful work" (1520s); of unknown origin.

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