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Word Example of - bounce

    Example Sentences for bounce

    Then tell me, w'at for they bounce' our Fidle, and let Carron got 'is place?

    The one called must quickly run and catch the ball on the first bounce.

    Having settled the plan of his future proceedings, Bounce did not waste more time in thought or speech.

    "Well, I guess I've got some bounce in me, certainly," agreed Diana.

    I always temporized until I heard the tree falling, then off he would dash, and bounce into its top to yelp and explore.

    March Marston smiled as he said this, and Bounce grinned by way of reply.

    And America itself, as I have said, under all its bounce and independence, really regarded us as a mother country.

    In addition to this, Bounce smote his thigh with unwonted vigour.

    This collar button is made of rubber with a little electric light attachment and is guaranteed to bounce for five minutes.

    “Why, that was spoken like Bounce himself,” said Bertram, smiling.

Word Origin & History of - bounce

    Word Origin & History

    bounce early 13c., bounsen "to thump, hit," perhaps from Du. bonzen "to beat, thump," or Low Ger. bunsen, or onomatopoeic; sense probably influenced by bound (v.). Sense of "to bounce like a ball" is from 1510s; the rubber check sense is from 1927. Bouncing "vigorous, big" is from 1570s.

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