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Word Example of - boundless

    Example Sentences for boundless

    The capital of the Territory was composed chiefly of roofs and dormer windows, of squatty wooden islands in a boundless sea.

    She had boundless admiration for her queen, amounting actually to idolatry.

    This narrow isthmus 'twixt two boundless seas, / The past, the future—two eternities.

    What enthusiasm they have in their own concerns, what boundless faith in themselves!

    Formerly, during the prevalence of plague and epidemics, the arrogance of the priest was boundless.

    His energy was boundless, it seemed, but the heart had gone out of him.

    How could she be for ever his creditor for such a boundless debt?

    But the second thought of Easter Eve is one of boundless hope.

    But—the time is short, and I must be brief—the emperor is our guest, and honors me with boundless confidence.

    A whole hour was spent in traversing this gloomy and boundless place.

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    Word Origin & History of boundless

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