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Word Example of - bounty

    Example Sentences for bounty

    This bounty to continue for the first twelve years of the law.

    Modesty and bounty, said Confucius, truth, earnestness and kindness.

    Consider that toward one's friends the mind sends forth thoughts that are almoners of bounty and angels of mercy.

    Uncle Nathan did not get fat on the bounty of his liberal nephew.

    The Indians alone appreciate this portion of Nature's bounty and celebrate the harvest home with dancing and feasting.

    Look at the good Clinton might do, as a steward of God's bounty, if he chose.

    Bounty in land was the coveted reward of Virginia troops in the old French and Indian war.

    This industry is encouraged by a bounty paid on all sugar exported.

    Hares by night, and squirrels by day, and wood mice at all seasons played round my tent, or came shyly to taste my bounty.

    Even commissions in the army of His Majesty had been offered as a bounty.

Word Origin & History of - bounty

    Word Origin & History

    bounty mid-13c., "generosity," from O.Fr. bonte "goodness" (12c., Mod.Fr. bonté), from L. bonitatem (nom. bonitas) "goodness," from bonus "good" (see bene-). Sense of "gift bestowed by a sovereign or the state" led to extended senses of "gratuity to a military recruit" (1702) and "reward for killing or taking a criminal or enemy" (1764)."I do ... promise, that there shall be paid ... the following several and respective premiums and Bounties for the prisoners and Scalps of the Enemy Indians that shall be taken or killed ...." ["Papers of the Governor of Pennsylvania," 1764]

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