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Word Example of - bouquet

    Example Sentences for bouquet

    She loosed the hand of her stage lover, and dropping a bouquet, held out two small hands to Ulick covered with violet powder.

    Meanwhile, Cis was parading, her bouquet clasped to her breast.

    The Crown Prince put down the bouquet, and proceeded to stand near the steersman.

    I gave them to her up on the platform; 221it was a pyramid in a lace paper—the bouquet.

    Put at each end a bouquet of clams Newburg, and pour on each side of the omelet a little sauce Newburg.

    He had been picking flowers, and handed a bouquet to one of his guests.

    All the same, my dear friend, I wish you many happy returns; the bouquet will come later!

    Bertha (pointing to the bouquet): The Count has written something on a card.

    He was quick enough to see what she meant; some flowers from his bouquet were fastened at her waist.

    The owner of all that loveliness must, he thought, have flung the bouquet.

Word Origin & History of - bouquet

    Word Origin & History

    bouquet 1716, introduced to English by Lady Mary Montague from Fr. bouquet, originally "little wood," from Picard form of O.Fr. bochet (14c.), dim. of bosco, from M.L. boscus "grove" (see bush).

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