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Word Example of - bow-out

    Example Sentences for bow

    The stranger kills a deer by a remarkable shot with his bow.

    And Clif could see half a dozen men standing in the bow watching them.

    “Two of you in the bow, there, get ready to haul him in,” said the officer.

    Instead, he only saw Henry shift his eyes calmly from Nancy to him and bow coldly.

    The next instant a gurgling cry came from the bow of the boat.

    The water fairly roared at the bow as the vessel cut through it.

    The bow and arrows were still there, the latter attached to its waist.

    I knew from the sound of the crash that she had stove a hole in her bow.

    In the summer he was a great archer, and strutted about with a bow and quiver.

    The Islander, it appeared, had run her bow into the structure up to the pilot-house.

Word Origin & History of - bow-out

    Word Origin & History

    bow O.E. bugan "to bend, to bow down, to bend the body in condescension," also "to turn back" (class II strong verb; past tense beag, pp. bogen), from P.Gmc. *bugon (cf. Du. buigen, M.L.G. bugen, O.H.G. biogan, Ger. biegen, Goth. biugan "to bend," O.N. boginn "bent"), from *beugen, from PIE base *bheugh- (cf. Skt. bhujati "bends, thrusts aside"). The noun is first recorded 1650s. Bow out "withdraw" is from 1942.

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