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Word Example of - bowing

    Example Sentences for bowing

    The King of Prussia drove along the Konigstrasse, bowing to right and left.

    He then took an axe, and bowing his head, made signs that the Indians might kill him if they wished to do so.

    Whether he imitated it by bowing above or below the bridge, he does not state.

    “Another crisis prevents,” I said, bowing at the door of my car.

    Bowing his thanks, he stepped in the direction named, just as the three women's heads came simultaneously together.

    Nejdanov took advantage of this and bowing to all present went out.

    "I am proud that your Ladyship should have read me so justly," said Repton, bowing.

    “I shall tell him what I think of you whether he asks me or not,” said I, bowing.

    So saying, and having given the paper to Italima and bowing very low, the Family Spy retired.

    Of the instant these slaves are cringing, are bowing to the earth.

Word Origin & History of - bowing

    Word Origin & History

    bow O.E. bugan "to bend, to bow down, to bend the body in condescension," also "to turn back" (class II strong verb; past tense beag, pp. bogen), from P.Gmc. *bugon (cf. Du. buigen, M.L.G. bugen, O.H.G. biogan, Ger. biegen, Goth. biugan "to bend," O.N. boginn "bent"), from *beugen, from PIE base *bheugh- (cf. Skt. bhujati "bends, thrusts aside"). The noun is first recorded 1650s. Bow out "withdraw" is from 1942.

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