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Word Example of - brainstorm

    Example Sentences for brainstorm

    I fired up my Xbox and opened a word-processor and started to brainstorm ideas for my papers.

    "And then my erstwhile associate Jimenez had a brainstorm," said Terry ruefully.

    It may seem rude to say so, but Orangeism consists mainly of a settled hallucination and an annual brainstorm.

    Dont worry, said Harvey, Flo probably had a brainstorm and called them already.

    It had been a brainstorm selecting only girls—and pretty young things, at that—for the Interstellar Symphony.

Word Origin & History of - brainstorm

    Word Origin & History

    brainstorm "brilliant idea, mental excitement, fit of mental application," 1849, from brain + figurative use of storm. As a verb, recorded from 1920s. Related: Brainstorming.

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