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Word Example of - brawny

    Example Sentences for brawny

    Ere he raised it the white-haired man had sprung upon him like a tiger, and seized his throat in his brawny hands.

    Walker looked at the brawny doctor, and his placid face was clouded.

    Joe growled again, and crept closer over the fire, his mother's brawny figure towering above him.

    Nobody, she was quite sure, could be so big and brawny as the lumberman from Michigan.

    I had a clear mental picture of him—huge, brawny, muscular, a wolfskin thrown about him and a great war-club in his hand.

    Clyde looked at the clothes and then at the brawny boatswain.

    Suddenly, a stout, brawny, bareheaded man rushed to the entrance from which the liberated people had just emerged.

    “Stay where thou art,” said the brawny farmer, motioning him back.

    The entire integument becomes swollen and brawny or oedematous.

    He is as big and brawny as Ascapart at the bar-gate at Southampton.

Word Origin & History of - brawny

    Word Origin & History

    brawny 1590s, "characterized by muscle," from brawn + -y (2).

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