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What is a better word for breach? What's another word for breach? What are 5 "breach synonyms"? How can I replace the word breach? What is the meaning of breach in English?

Word Example of - breach

    Example Sentences for breach

    She was furious and complained bitterly of his breach of faith.

    It is a breach of the respect which one expects, that is, it wounds vanity.

    Again Floss Dickerson dropped her trenchant personality into the breach.

    The act was a breach of faith, utterly unwarranted by any known law of the game.

    The growing doctrine of the separation of Church and state accentuated the breach between political and religious history.

    And this breach was unhappily widened by some of the common causes of dispute.

    A shepherd pointed out a breach in the walls, and here the Moors determined to make the assault.

    The most they can make out of it is a breach of trust, and that amounts to nothing.

    My worthy cousin Harriet would scarcely permit such a breach of discipline.'

    It is true he never overlooked a breach of discipline or carelessness of duty.

Word Origin & History of - breach

    Word Origin & History

    breach O.E. bryce "breach, fracture, a breaking," from brecan (see break), influenced by O.Fr. breche "breach, opening, gap," from Frankish; both from P.Gmc. *brecho, *bræko "broken," from PIE base *bhreg- "to break" (see fraction). Figurative sense of "a breaking of rules, etc." was in O.E. The verb is first recorded 1570s. Related: Breached; breaching. Breach of contract is at least from 1833.