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Word Example of - breakdown

    Example Sentences for breakdown

    Dying is that breakdown in an organism which throws it out of correspondence with some necessary part of the environment.

    The downfall of nations and empires has been attributed to the breakdown of the family.

    Fair results shown during first year, but a breakdown occurred during the second year, and cracking and scaling resulted.

    Eleven times did poor Pauline attack it and eleven times did she have a breakdown.

    But the instant Arnold repairs the breakdown, your little experiment is over!

    She whose only desire was to be let go free, was mainly responsible for his breakdown!

    The breakdown, he thought bitterly, would take too many centuries to consider.

    And there's some things in you don't need to know about, just extrys in case of breakdown.

    The very knowledge of this brought me several degrees closer to a breakdown.

    He stooped in his shoulders and there were signs of a breakdown.

Word Origin & History of - breakdown

    Word Origin & History

    breakdown "a collapse," 1832, from break + down. The verbal phrase is attested from late 14c. The noun, specifically of machinery, is from 1838; meaning "an analysis in detail" is from 1936. Nervous breakdown is from 1905.

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