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Word Example of - brevet

    Example Sentences for brevet

    Net result, his captaincy and a brevet majority, coupled with the Distinguished Service Order.

    You may take back your brevet, Monsieur Malicorne; I will not leave my friend.

    To Mildred he was one of that numerous army of brevet relations known as gran-pop, pop, or uncle.

    If they wuz givin' commissions away you wouldn't be a brevet Corporal.

    I am not aware that any officer below the lineal rank of colonel has ever been made a brigadier-general by brevet.

    There is your brevet to the 'Legion,' signed by the Emperor.

    At present he is a brevet lieutenant-colonel in the regular army.

    Brevet Major Fowle was ordered to march against them with two companies.

    In that capacity, indeed, he had earned his brevet rank of "colonel."

    He hoped that the Marshal had brought his brevet as brigadier general.

Word Origin & History of - brevet

    Word Origin & History

    brevet mid-14c., from O.Fr. brievet "letter, note, piece of paper; papal indulgence" (13c.), dim. of bref "letter, note" (see brief). Army sense is from 1680s. As a verb, 1839, from Fr. breveter. Related: Breveted.

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