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Word Example of - breviary

    Example Sentences for breviary

    Perhaps you think an old priest has no eyes for anything but his breviary, eh?

    He rose; and, as he was afraid, he took the lamp from the breviary to light his way.

    He flung his breviary on the table: was hurled forth, and massacred.

    On his arrival, he found the Pre Longuemare in the garret reading his breviary.

    They had also drinking vessels bound to resemble the breviary, and were found drinking, when it was supposed they were at prayer.

    A priest was more likely to strike back with a sentence out of the breviary.

    Our only fellow-traveller was a priest, who for a long time had been intent on his breviary.

    You see, sir, that I have read other books beside the breviary.

    They read the breviary together and, during the day, frequently united in expressions of ardent love to the good God.

    He was in great agitation, and on reaching his apartment he had recourse to his breviary.

Word Origin & History of - breviary

    Word Origin & History

    breviary 1540s, "brief statement;" sense of "short prayer book used by Catholic priests" is from 1610s, from L. breviarium "summary," neut. of adj. breviarius "abridged," from breviare "to shorten, abbreviate," from brevis "short" (see brief).

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