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What is a better word for brief? What's another word for brief? What are 5 "brief synonyms"? How can I replace the word brief? What is the meaning of brief in English?

Word Example of - brief

    Example Sentences for brief

    Slowly he looked up from the brief expression with which he had ended.

    It was not the most cheerful sound by which to eat and the meal was brief.

    All I can hope to do is to throw out some brief suggestions on the subject.

    I threaded through a thicket and came out into a brief expanse of savannah.

    Do you recall, Mrs. Glavis, whether she screamed long, or whether it was brief?

    The praise from the different newspapers is brief, but to the point.

    George had previously obliged with a brief description of the plot of The Footpills.

    In this silence he mapped out his argument, as he would have prepared a brief.

    No man ever rose from so brief a rest so thoroughly invigorated.

    After a brief pause, he renewed the conversation with evident embarrassment.

Word Origin & History of - brief

    Word Origin & History

    brief late 13c., from L. brevis (adj.) "short, low, little, shallow," from PIE *mregh-wi-, from base *mregh-u- "short" (cf. Gk. brakhys "short," O.C.S. bruzeja "shallow places, shoals," Goth. gamaurgjan "to shorten").