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What is a better word for bright? What's another word for bright? What are 5 "bright synonyms"? How can I replace the word bright? What is the meaning of bright in English?

Word Example of - bright

    Example Sentences for bright

    But perhaps as a—well, as a father, for instance— That bright boy of theirs now.

    His florid face paled a little and his bright Irish eyes did not blink.

    There were hundreds of bright stars, and there were brooks and rivers and waterfalls.

    The second kind of coal, the sort that is hard and bright, is anthracite.

    The first was a bright young man, hailing from Newark, New Jersey.

    Thus warbled they, While past the vision went in bright array.

    At last he called up Billy, and charged him to keep a bright look-out.

    So Sylvia was bright until her next fit of low spirits came.

    The thought of her was life and death in his frame, bright heaven and the abyss.

    No sword ever owned was as bright as his except the sword that Frey had given to Skirnir.

Word Origin & History of - bright

    Word Origin & History

    bright O.E. bryht, by metathesis from beorht "bright; splendid; clear-sounding; beautiful; divine," from P.Gmc. *berhta- "bright" (cf. O.S. berht, O.N. bjartr, O.H.G. beraht, Goth. bairhts "bright"), from PIE base *bhereg- "to gleam, white" (cf. Skt. bhrajate "shines, glitters," Lith. breksta "to dawn," Welsh berth "bright, beautiful"). Meaning "quick-witted" is from 1741.