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The Synonym of - bringing-up ()

Word Example of - bringing-up

    Example Sentences for bringing

    We are bringing you to the Dominican prison, señor; you will be better used there.

    I confidently reckoned on bringing you both to a home full of comfort.

    You did well in bringing him with you, for an honest man must not fall a victim to a villain.

    Again, the blade descended, bringing a spurt of dust from his clothing.

    The pageant may be the happy means of bringing the whole town together.

    The work of "popularization" consists in bringing about this contagion.

    As usual when returning from the deep woods, Mr. Crowther was bringing a trophy.

    I would mock him by bringing thee to him in Freya's veil and dress.

    The thoughts of all of you teem with modes of bringing death to your fellow beings.

    Their object in bringing them on board was to obtain presents for them.

Word Origin & History of - bringing-up

    Word Origin & History

    bring O.E. bringan "to bring, bring forth, produce, present, offer" (p.t. brohte, pp. broht), from P.Gmc. *brenganan (cf. O.Fris. brenga; M.Du. brenghen; O.H.G. bringan; Goth. briggan); no exact cognates outside Germanic, but it appears to be from PIE base *bhrengk-, compound based on root *bher- (1) "to carry" (cf. L. ferre; see infer). The tendency to conjugate this as a strong verb on the model of sing, drink, etc., is ancient: O.E. also had a rare strong pp. form, brungen, corresponding to modern colloquial brung.

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