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Word Example of - brochure

    Example Sentences for brochure

    What seems to have been the first edition of this brochure bears no date.

    Which of these fair creatures on the wall was the proprietor of this brochure?

    Also he has written some magazine articles and a brochure on "Lent and How to Spend it."

    The brochure was translated into French by M. Alidel, Paris.

    In this brochure the author makes an earnest endeavour to understand Christian Science and define its mission.

    I realized that I had done nothing to the brochure I was writing since lunch.

    The title of a brochure written by James Parton in 1869 was often quoted against us, for the Danes have long memories.

    Mr. Walter M. Hill shares this feeling and this brochure is the result.

    This is of course perfectly natural and was a point which we had fully in mind in formulating the plan of The Brochure Series.

    Of Haydn we have amorous documents enough to make a brochure.

Word Origin & History of - brochure

    Word Origin & History

    brochure 1748, from Fr. brochure "a stitched work," from brocher "to stitch" (sheets together), from O.Fr. brochier "to prick, jab, pierce," from broche "pointed tool, awl" (see broach (n.)).

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