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Word Example of - brogue

    Example Sentences for brogue

    It is a delight to hear one's mother tongue spoken with such careless precision, with just the suspicion of a brogue to it.

    Also there was a faint and fascinating suggestion of brogue in her accent.

    My heart warms to the little ragamuffins in the street if they have a bit of the brogue.

    (for when excited O'Grady would relapse into the brogue); "but are ye much hurt?"

    Joe's forefathers were from the Isle of Erin, and although he had lost the brogue, he still retained some of their superstitions.

    “Oi, oi, sorr,” answered that worthy in a rich Hibernian brogue.

    "To be sure; but I've waited long," he answered, with just the least brogue in his speech.

    Also introduced the brogue and the shamrock into the Emerald Isle.

    For this reason a touch of dialect, a flavour of brogue, is delightful.

    Patrick Fitzmaurice, brogue and all, was an Irish gentleman without a flaw.

Word Origin & History of - brogue

    Word Origin & History

    brogue type of Celtic accent, 1705, perhaps from the meaning "rough, stout shoe" worn by rural Irish and Scottish highlanders (1580s), via Gaelic or Irish, from O.Ir. broce "shoe," thus originally meaning something like "speech of those who call a shoe a brogue." Or perhaps it is from O.Ir. barrog "a hold" (on the tongue).

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