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Word Example of - broker

    Example Sentences for broker

    Just then Fred entered the Exchange in search of a broker he wanted to see.

    At lunch one day he happened to mention that he had been talking to his broker.

    "Your son says there is, Mrs. Estabrook," said the broker, quietly.

    I had no idea that his broker might like to buy them from me.

    At once the question was raised as to who was really guilty, the city treasurer or the broker, or both.

    The broker, roses in hand, ascended the staircase after the physician.

    As the broker put his hand on the door, Laura started forward.

    As it was, she proceeded circumspectly to the library, drawing the broker by the hand.

    So she entered into conversation with the not unwilling secretary by asking him if he knew Mr. Bonner, a Chicago broker.

    The first gleam of her meaning began to shine across the broker's mind.

Word Origin & History of - broker

    Word Origin & History

    broker late 14c., from Anglo-Norm. brocour "small trader," from Anglo-Fr. abrokur "retailer of wine, tapster;" perhaps from Port. alborcar "barter," but more likely from O.Fr. brocheor, from brochier "to broach, tap, pierce (a keg)," from broche "pointed tool" (see broach (n.)), giving original sense of "wine dealer," hence "retailer, middleman, agent." In M.E., used contemptuously of peddlers and pimps. As a verb, implied by 1630s in brokering. Related: Brokered.