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Word Example of - brooding

    Example Sentences for brooding

    The subtler woman-look, the faint suggestion of brooding in the eyes, had matured the face and lent it meaning.

    He stood for a moment gazing into the glowing coals in brooding anger.

    She had been brooding over it half the night, poor soul, and her eyes looked actually withered with crying and lack of sleep.

    He went to the Players' Club and lunched alone in brooding silence.

    As well soil the glory of Lexington or Bunker Hill by brooding over the pangs of those who were its victims.

    All night she has been brooding over what she saw in the carriage.

    That was all the brooding they had, or needed; for within a week there were two bright little loons to watch instead of the eggs.

    The silence, save for the swish of the paddles, was brooding and full of menace.

    With Davie trotting along at his side, John had little chance for brooding.

    In hate, Orange was as little given to brooding as he was in other matters.

Word Origin & History of - brooding

    Word Origin & History

    brooding 1640s, "hovering, overhanging" (as a mother bird does her nest), from brood; meaning "that dwells moodily" first attested 1818 (in "Frankenstein").

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