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Word Example of - bruise

    Example Sentences for bruise

    In case of cut or bruise no remedy, I am told, is more efficacious, and certainly none more simple.

    Every sight and sound of the city seemed to bruise and hurt.

    It was also a peculiar shape, the centre standing out for all the world like a bruise on the forehead caused by a heavy blow.

    He was cured of his fancy, although no effort of will could protect the soreness of the bruise.

    He finally recovered from the effects of the bruise, and saw more of the war.

    I do not remember to have felt a bruise, nor any shock either.

    My dear Lieutenant, you will not only bruise, but break, my head with your clatter.

    It can bruise us from without, but can it add to our wealth of spirit?

    Bruise the galls and beat the other ingredients fine, and infuse them together in three quarts of rain water.

    That bruise over your eye has taken off your painted-doll look.

Word Origin & History of - bruise

    Word Origin & History

    bruise O.E. brysan "to crush, bruise, pound," from P.Gmc. *brusjanan, from PIE base *bhreus- "to smash, crush" (cf. O.Ir. bronnaim "I wrong, I hurt;" Bret. brezel "war," V.L. brisare "to break"). Merged by 17c. with Anglo-Fr. bruiser "to break, smash," from O.Fr. bruisier "to break, shatter," perhaps from Gaul. *brus-, from the same PIE base. Related: Bruised; bruising. The noun is first recorded 1540s. Bruiser "a boxer" is attested from 1744.

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